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Haleem is a dish made of lentils, bulgar and meat known to have originated from Afghanistan. It takes a bit of effort but is well worth it and is an instant hit!

First of all I looked around for Shan’s Haleem masala in the house bu apparently mom had used it all up. This wasn’t going right. I googled and went through probably 20 haleem recipes before I came across Nabeela’s site. And because it was named Trial and Error… this recipe was tried… and thats what made me try it to instead of all those other recipes posted online that seemed to have been put together by robots. 😐

Nabeela has as excellent Hydrabadi Haleem recipe posted which I tried out. Yum!

This was my first time trying to make Haleem. Previously I have only help my mom in mashing up the ingredients. I used boneless chicken and since I didn’t even have any chicken stock to prevent it fro being totally tasteless I added a cube of chicken stock.

It’s sad that my mom kept telling me not to make it, that I would screw it up, that no one would eat it… Well it would have been nice if for a change she’d have been happy I was trying to make something “difficult”. (Altho trust me this is a time consuming recipe but not at all difficult). Instead of making me feel miserable and a total failure before I had even started she could have shown some enthusiasm. But no, that never happens. Well I’m glad I didn’t listen to her and made it. IT turned out great. Next time round I will tweak it a bit to my own taste. Prolly increase the amount of lentils and also add moong daal (split green gram) But this recipe stands great as it is. I’d like to try Monas Haleem recipe too.

It’s almost iftar time. Gotta go! 🙂


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