I tried my hand at home-made pizza today… right from scratch. Ive tried making pizza dough once, it was some weird quikie recipe where the dough was actually batter that was spread into the pan, topped with your preferred toppings and  then baked. It used baking powder. It never rose and never cooked through.  Bad experience.

 TODAY… since I have been having a lucky streak lately with cooking and baking everything non desi, I decided to try my hand at pizza dough again. More obviously, I tried to overcome my fear of meeting with failure if I used yeast. The results were so good I am totally in love with using yeast and will try any recipe that requires yeast now without any hesitancy. Yeast, is not my friend. 🙂 Mine had only 2 months left to expire. When I mixed it up with warm water (warmed up in an electric kettle) and sugar it didn’t froth much in the suggested 10 minutes. I worried if I had killed the yeast with hot water or that it was actually too old. After 10 mins there was little froth in a corner. I mixed it up again. And again after another 10 mins. This is when I could hear the beautiful sizzling sound of yeast respiring. I let it sit for another 10 minutes and it finally had a frothy top. I knew this time it was going to work out!

 I used the classic crust dough recipe from and also read through their entire pizza making tutorial.

I only had mozzarella cheese on me and some cheddar cheese slices. So i chopped up the chedder cheese slices. I also chopped up a chicken breast and marinated it for about an hour in salt, black pepper, lemon juice and some sugar. Then i sauted it on a high flame for about 5-6 minutes… don’t wanna overcook them or they will become dry. I also had some pitted olives which I sliced up, cut up some onion rings and sliced some canned button mushrooms. I used my pasta sauce recipe for the tomato base. I only had to bake it for around 10 minutes and then turned off the oven but let the pizza sit in there for another 15-20 minutes. (I just didnt want an uncooked crust like last time… the trauma! hehe)

 It turned out great!

The recipe for the dough makes for two pizzas. Kneading it was a paaaaain. I tried to recall how I’ve seenthem do it on TV and that made things a lot easier, altho still strenous. Quite an exercise I tell you. But fun and well worth it. I was soooo elated to see the risen up dough after an hour I coulda literally cried. Punch! Punch! And down it went. Rolling it out using a rolling pin was the easiest part. It shaped it self out so well. Very easy to handle.

I only made one pizza and packed up the other half of the dough. I’ll make it again with a different set of toppings. And will try some of the other dough recipes from the site. Since, now I know these recipes are real.

The corners did come out a bit dry though. More thickness and some olive oil should do the trick.

 If you’re looking for a pizza dough recipe… is the place!


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